Be Happy!

Be Happy!

Hey, guys! I really believe that everyone should be happy people and there is always a reason for everyone to be happy. That includes you. Continue reading “Be Happy!”

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Senior Year

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Senior Year

How are y’all doing today? I hope that everyone’s day is going exceptionally well and if it isn’t going well… smile. Seriously, if you smile, I believe, you will eventually become happier. I’m smiling right now while writing this and I already feel happier than before. This year is my last year of high school and it doesn’t really feel like how I thought it would feel. Class of 2017! Whoop Whoop! Let’s get to the post. 

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Left Brain Versus Right Brain

Hey, guys! I was wondering if you could do me the hugest favor and take a minute or two out of your day and complete this survey

The survey is for my English class research paper. My hypothesis is that left brains like to write more than right brains. I am not quite too sure if that is true or not, but that is what I think. After I conduct my research, I will try to let y’all know.

Thank you so much for your time. I’ll see if I can get back on schedule with the blogging and not come on here only when I need y’all to do something. Can y’all tell that I am from the south by how much I use the word “y’all?”

I got this book from my school library, Miracles From Heaven, it got turned into a movie like last year, I am not sure if you all have heard of it or not.

Sorry this has gone all over the place, but please take the survey and follow me on twitter @IAmMoniqueAri

Thank you so much! Have a nice day!

Remember: SMILE…today is going to be EPIC!!!


Hey, guys! Paying for college is really hard and really stressful. There are plenty ways to earn money through scholarships and grants (you could also do a loan but who wants to pay that back). There is and if you use this referral link you and I could both be entered to win  a $500 scholarship.

You could also use

Those are all free but there is this app called scholly and it is absolutely AMAZEBALLS! If you are not on your way to college share this with someone who is. If you are on your way to college share this with someone else as well.

One more thing FAFSA is absolutely FREE if you run across anything that tells you to put your credit/debit card information in… don’t do it.

Have a great day and don’t forget to share and like this post. SMILE…today is going to be EPIC!

Scripture Sunday: 2 Timothy 1:7

Scripture Sunday: 2 Timothy 1:7

Happy Scripture Sunday you guys! I think I kind of want a name for you guys so I’m not always saying “you guys” and “y’all.” Don’t y’all agree? Help me come up with one in the comments. 

This Sunday’s scripture is 2 Timothy 2:17 and it says, For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind. A lot of the times when I think of that scripture I think of this song by Joe Pace called Stir Up the Gift and it says part of that scripture a lot, you guys should check it out. 

We should not be afraid because God did not give us fear. Instead of fear, God gave us power, love, and a sound mind. So we should not be afraid to do anything God tells us to do or to use the gifts that God has given us. I encourage each of you to read that whole chapter for yourselves and try to read it in different versions (I like the NIRV version best). I also would really love for y’all to use the gifts that God has given you and to not be afraid to do so. 

Here’s one that you can set as your wallpaper or lockscreen on your phone so you can memorize it, if you don’t know it already. 

If y’all have any names for me to call you guys let me know in the comments pretty please. If you want to leave any comments or suggestions or anything, leave it in the comments, email me, or tweet me. Don’t forget to like this and share it with all your friends and people that aren’t your friends and use #MoniquesBlogs and/or #ScriptureSunday. Have a great day and don’t forget to SMILE…today is going to be EPIC!!!

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Fun Friday: The Dream

Hey y’all, I know that it has been awhile since I’ve blogged, but it’s all good, right? Let me know in the comments how your day is going so far. My day is pretty fan-freakin’-tastic! Before I start to ramble, let’s get to what we all came here for…The Dream. Continue reading “Fun Friday: The Dream”

Be Happy With Yourself

Be Happy With Yourself

Today is National Smile Power Day and National Photography Day so, take all the selfies you want today, but just make sure you smile in them. I know that’s totally random, but it kind of has something to do with the topic of today’s post. Let’s get to it!

My senior pictures are Friday and I’ve been trying to correct everything about myself for them. I’ve been working out, like super hard, worrying a whole lot more about my acne, and just stupid little vain things like that. Of course, I want to make sure I look good in them but, should I be so consumed in how I look and put myself down? I used to be so insecure about my acne and my gapped teeth until I was realized that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I was made in the image of the almighty God! These pictures really brought all those same and more insecurities back and I really hate that. 
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10 Things I Will Do Before I “Kick the Bucket”

10 Things I Will Do Before I “Kick the Bucket”

Hello, everyone! How is your day going? My day is great, so far. This is my bucket list and before I die, I hope to accomplish everything on the list.

1. Have a Family and a Dog

I want to get married to an amazing man that loves God. I also want to have four to six kids. I want to name them: Jr, Connor, Carter, Kaylee, Kaia, and Avery. I might even have a dog, but I definetly would NOT want to clean the poop and pee. So probably no dog.

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Dear Monique of May 2017

Dear Monique of May 2017

This is just a letter to myself next year and it’s just a few of my goals that I have for myself.

Dear Monique of May 2017,

Monique of May 2017, I am Monique of May 2016. My goal for you is to be a better person. Continue reading “Dear Monique of May 2017”

Stress Less!!!


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